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Decorative Stones

Most decorative stone is sold by the ton. Quantities will vary per ton because the weight of the stone varies. Our Red Granite and Rustic Granite is sold by the yard. Please call for pricing.

Picture may not be a completely accurate representation. Please stop in to see our quality products.

  • American Heritage Stone

    American Heritage(Lg)

  • American Heritage Small Stone

    American Heritage(Sm)

  • Black Cherry Stone

    Black Cherry

  • Caramel Quartzite

    Caramel Quartzite

  • Mississippi River Rocks - Large

    Mississippi River(Lg)

  • Mississippi River Rocks - Small

    Mississippi River(Sm)

  • Purple Passion Stones

    Purple Passion

  • Rainbow River - Large

    Rainbow River (Lg)

  • Rainbow River Rocks - Small

    Rainbow River (Sm)

  • Red Granite

    Red Granite

  • Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz

  • Rustic Granite

    Rustic Granite

  • Shooting Star Stone

    Shooting Star

  • Smelter Bay Stone

    Smelter Bay Stone

  • Stone Bark Cleaned Stone

    Stone Bark

  • Number 1 Washed Stone

    #1 Washed Stone

  • Number 2 Washed Stone

    #2 Washed Stone

  • White Marble

    White Marble